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Business Card design

Business Card design

Business Card design – Price and terms: from 1000 g., from 1 day.

Business cards are now everyone has. They not only remind important information: name, firm, contacts. Card creates an association with a man, who had left. Forms an image of the company, in which it operates. Business card is often called the face of the company, this is an important attribute in the image of a business man. It allows you to create the right impression and, therefore, its execution must be taken seriously.

Among the variety of, Your business card should stand out, remember, be recognized at a glance! Therefore, the creation of a competent professional business card has the important value. And advertising agency INSIGHT help you with this! We develop original, beautiful, colorful business cards in St. Petersburg, distinguish your company. They will become another element of corporate identity, stressing of status of the company.

Business card

Business cards are personal (card individual) and business (or business cards) - business cards of employees of a company.

The business card has some features. This mini-company portfolio. And it should reflect the philosophy and corporate identity. That is the business of a small potential customers evaluate the company level.

Guidelines for creating business cards

  • Development of business cards provides an analysis of the client company, its direction, corporate identity;
  • a business card is not desirable to overload, it should be clear, clear, concise information, otherwise the card will be a small set of text and graphics, which can not profit to the owner;
  • all elements must be harmoniously matched and combined with each other, otherwise there will be a dissonance, and the potential customer can not find from the first seconds of viewing the most important information, and therefore, goal layout will be lost.
  • card in addition to the elements of corporate identity, must adhere to the company's philosophy, her conception.
  • the original, unusual, creative business card - will attract attention and create a positive image of the company.
  • card - can be a symbol of respectability and success. Read more on the expensive elite business cardshere.

Creating a quality business card, the development of its original style and design, It is laborious and truly creative process. Entrust this work to professionals, and you get a great result!

our agency experts will consider all your wishes and to realize the most daring and original ideas.

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