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Top 10 advertising leaflets for dentistry

Currently present optimally-functioning health care systems, and in particular dental clinics, without a comprehensive marketing strategy, pretty hard. As in many other industries, medical centers skillfully use a variety of advertising and information tools, without which it is to interact with potential consumers is difficult. Claim about the uniqueness of the services offered, conduct worthy of attention or action on the introduction of new methods of treatment, the most effective and at the same time, simply, – by professionally created booklets.

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Dental booklet

Types of advertising for dental clinics

Today, there are a number of types of advertising trends, designed to draw attention to a particular institution.

All of them are divided into:

  • external;
  • internal.

Outdoor advertising

Careful planning of external advertising strategy includes:

  • facade of the building design, which houses the dental clinic;
  • design, production and placement of signs;
  • choice of outdoor advertising tools (billboards, citylights, posters, road signs, advertising boxes, etc.)

Dental booklet

Building's facade

In its design should avoid variegated and multicolored, it is important to, to the clinic facade attracted attention of passers-by. The most preferred shades for coloring Medical Center considered pastel range, as well as the use of intense blue, green and brown colors. Considerable impact on the first impression of the institution provides the convenience of an entrance to it and carefully designed entrance.

In that case, if the entrance to the building is located on the inner side of the yard, or hidden trees, you should definitely equip the surrounding area visible from afar outdoor advertising means (pointer, stretching, Stender). This measure will provide convenience for visitors and will not create additional difficulties in Search.

As for the windows, to ensure the patients feeling of intimacy and security, It advised to close their blinds or shutters.


The sign is a key element of any outdoor advertising agencies and assumes the role of his business card. In that case, if the reception of visitors is conducted around the clock, requirement is the existence of luminous signs. In the standard work schedule dentists (at 2 change) to facilitate finding the desired clinical signs or lights luminescence, which makes it stand out from the road.

Exterior advertising media

These tools are not mandatory, they are used to facilitate the finding of medical institution, if the building is situated perpendicular to the track, among the trees, in the yard. In this case, bracing, pillar or a pointer must contain information about the location of clinic location, contact numbers and opening hours.

internal advertising

The tools include internal advertising:

  • promotion through publications (small, booklets, advertising in newspapers and magazines);
  • Web site;
  • roll call of potential customers;
  • holding various shares, discounts and bonuses;
  • audio- and videos (monitors vehicles, on the radio, TV).

One of the most effective and, simultaneously, budget are ways to express themselves competently composed and decorated booklets dental clinics. They harmoniously combine several functions:

  • outreach;
  • imidzheobrazuyuschuyu;
  • impact on consumers (encouraged to take advantage of certain services).

that dental clinic brochure given the impact, which is calculated, important to understand, that in drawing up the printing of handouts fundamental role played by knowledge of psychology. If the promises, broadcast booklet, truly powerful, it will be possible not only to attract new customers, but also make them regular visitors, which in turn, will distribute contact the clinic to their relatives, friends, colleagues.

Structure booklet

that brochure about dentistry It is understandable and interesting to a wide range of people, it is important to provide them with interesting and useful information, filed in an accessible and convenient form.

Ideally, these booklets will give answers to questions, expired for most patients:

  • What are the symptoms of common dental diseases?
  • what is needed prior consultation dentist?
  • what treatment options may be offered a clinic?
  • what guarantees can the patient expect?
  • what factors affect the final cost of services?

certainly, important, to booklets have been provided with high-quality and aesthetic illustrations, literate and understandable texts, and control of the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided is obliged to carry out the doctor-dentist. Booklet itself should cause confidence in the quality of services and in no way associated with the campaign of fear to the doctor.

TOP 10 advertising leaflets

It is crucial, that leaves dental clinic brochure, the patient was able to answer his question, and thus it was not overloaded with too much information for him.

The most popular for most people, It is a professional consultation, executed in a memo on such topics:

  1. caries: prevention, symptoms at an early stage, treatment;
  2. children's dentistry;
  3. correction of occlusion and tooth alignment;
  4. Types and causes of gum disease;
  5. root canal treatment;
  6. prosthetics: removable and non-removable;
  7. dental surgery;
  8. all of the implanting;
  9. orthodontics;
  10. aesthetics and teeth whitening.

Ideally, you should make a separate prospectus for each theme, however, it is quite possible to combine several topics in a leaflet or booklet.