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layout booklet, rules and stages of their creation

Effective marketing tool, helps to attract the attention of the target audience and to establish fruitful cooperation with it, a leaflet. Provided that it is a competent development, this print edition will become a reliable link between the proposed company products / services, and potential customers.

The concept of the booklet

Booklet – aperiodic, printed on both sides of a sheet edition, folded in two or more folds. In its manufacture does not use any fasteners. booklet size may be different, depending on the amount of text and illustrations, which is planned to place in it. So, standard, Its basis is the A3 size sheet of paper, A4 or A5.

Features booklets

Correct leaflet has a set of specific characteristics:

  • Format

Talking about the booklet format, It refers to two sizes: bent and unfolded form. The most commonly used formats ready (folded) products are: A4, A.5, A6. The size of the expanded booklet depends on the number of folds, which is planned to be.

  • Folding

booklet layout


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A method of folding and number of folds are determined by the desired design of the booklet and the amount of information, which will be located. The more text and illustrations - the more of them. folding options (methods of folding the sheet in a certain sequence) may be dozens, or even hundreds of, but the most popular, and is most often used for brochures considered:

  • usual (one fold);
  • evrobuklet;
  • window;
  • double-parallel;
  • zig-zag.
  • materials

For manufacturing booklets, various kinds of paper: from conventional coated to a wide variety of texture and toned design. We must not forget, the paper may well emphasize the design idea, or completely spoil it. Therefore, the creation of the booklet, but rather the development of its layout, should start with the paper selection, on which it will be printed.

On average, its density is 135 – 250 g / m. Advertising leaflets, printed on paper, density up 150 g / sq.m., you can manually bend, for denser samples needed creasing - a special "groove", on which will be folded Avenue. If it does not do - formed unsightly hall.

  • Print View

Before, how to order the production of the booklet, it is important to understand what kinds of printing there, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Two types are most commonly used:

  • digital

This type of optimal, if you want to print brochures in small quantities (to 500 pcs). Digital printing does not require the manufacture of pre-press forms, also it does not need a long preliminary preparation. The disadvantages include the possibility of the presence of the smallest parts of the powder, as well as some of the difficulties with the transfer of black.

  • offset

offset printing quality is faultless, but it involves prepress, in this connection, it should be used for the circulation of more than five hundred copies. Stopping the choice on this embodiment,, We need to consider, that the quality of the paper will directly affect the final print result. its negative – the addition of each new color leads to higher prices.

booklet layout

How to make a booklet efficient?

To booklet perfectly coped with its key marketing function, first of all, necessary to define, to which target audience it is aimed, and what is the purpose of its distribution.

The more accurately spelled CA and tasks, the solution of which are assigned to the booklet, the more likely, that it works. Based on these two factors, developed content and design layout design.

for example, if the purpose of the future booklet - to talk about the company, whose products / services are targeted at young people, in this case it is necessary to use a maximum of bright pictures, infographics, and a minimum of text.

If the booklet informs about new models in the range of professional photo- and vïdeoapparatwrı, here the text should exceed the above pictures.

Examples of valid booklets

Stages of a booklet

  1. Preparatory

At the first stage it is important to answer the questions: for what reason it is planned issue of the booklet, and what the expected result of its spread? Based on the answers, start planning for the future editions of the structure, the definition of its format, information, to be placed, Development of the design layout and its subsequent approval.

  1. Selection and formation

After that, both the format and layout of the structure defined, go to the selection of specific information. When writing content and creating illustrations, you must correctly place accents, highlight the benefits of the company and promote its products / services.

  1. makeup

The third step is to properly implement rules of imposition of booklets. The key point of the future success of the booklet - to be able to best represent text and graphical content. The most important information should be visually highlighted, not to stay unnoticed.

  1. print

After that, been drawn up as the layout, It left his print. Selecting the type of printing depends on the planned circulation. paper type, and its density directly affect the method of folding, Therefore, the choice of material should be given serious consideration.

Requirements for advertising booklets

Excellent in all respects booklet - such, which drew the attention of the target audience, it is able to hold the attention, interest content, and motivate to action, He meets a number of criteria:

  • pithiness

Booklet - compact advertising medium, which is not the place "memoirs". Its function - briefly and in an interesting form to submit key information about the organization, product / service / event, to focus on the unique selling proposition and provide contact details.

You should not go into the details. If the booklet will interest the customer - all other information he found on the company's website.

  • Readability

Regulations stipulate the creation of a booklet about the critical importance of the selected font. It must be readable and not small.

The use of a single booklet for more than three different fonts – sign of poor taste

  • focus

pledge, that the design of the "work" of the booklet – its maximum focus on the target audience. Based on the floor, age category, the interests of potential customers, and so forth., create a design layout and choice of colors.

  • cleats

The ideal hook for, to booklet not only took away, but retained, It is something, representing a value of. The best option - a small gift or a "freebie", which is loved by all. The booklet may be present tear discount coupon, Discount card, gift certificate, etc..

Tips on creating a layout (content, design…)

When writing content for the booklet, It is to adhere to a set of recommendations:

  • simple sentences, absence of various speed, predicate;
  • available for the language of perception, avoiding difficult, Not everyone familiar, professional and technical terminology;
  • it is not necessary to use a superior degree: "the best", 'Excellent quality' etc.
  • when applying the specific facts, figures, indicators - maximum precision, no "water";
  • to simplify the perception of, the text is divided into blocks, in each of which only one basic idea;
  • absolute literacy. Each introduced error causes serious damage to the image of the company.

Selection of images and photos

Win-win solution - the use of illustrations, which characterize the target audience. Emphasis is made on the emotional component, complementing its meaning.

For a booklet requires large and clear photos / illustrations, which will attract the attention of, scattering of small, requiring close scrutiny, do not use. Also better to give up schedules, Drawings and Tables, if necessary, to show the dynamics better to put the chart, which is easily perceived visually.


Compact placement of information in the booklet in conjunction with the low cost of its production, make this brochure one of the most affordable, and at the same time bringing a positive result, printed products.