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social advertisement

Социальная реклама является некоммерческой, имеет общественно-важное значение и привлекает внимание к каким-либо проблемам социума.

For, PSAs to be truly effective and influence people, the need for qualitative development of its design: original idea, interesting graphic design, application of knowledge of psychology, the ability to attract attention and portray ordinary things – unusually.
The advertising agency INSAJT a team of true professionals, which can make a professional and truly effective social advertising!
Our design of social advertising:

  • It draws attention to the problems of society,
  • very original idea or concept,
  • has any deep thought, certain meaning,
  • is remembered, makes me think,
  • and, finally, performs the main task of social advertising - corrects the behavior of people, Changing patterns of social behavior.

Social advertising can have a different theme:

  • aimed at combating drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking;
  • promote healthy lifestyles, athletics,
  • calls for the observance of traffic rules, install child car seats,
  • draws attention to the problems of disabled people, people with disabilities,
  • calling for a clean trash, forest preserve, maintain cleanliness of the city, parks, parks,
  • and so on.

Advertising agency INSAJT engaged in the development of social advertising projects, creating design, implementation of models. Available custom. We are distinguished by high quality and individual approach.