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Videos on request

Prodakşn company INSAJT. Modern society - a world of visual. We prefer films - books, TV - newspapers and radio. Information, accompanied by visuals, perceived more quickly and easily any other. Not surprising, video advertising that in our time is the most effective advertising tool.

The production company INSIGHT can order the production of any video for your company. We guarantee high quality services, professional performance and an individual approach to each client.

Price and terms: from 30000 g., from 7 days.

Videos on your production company "INSIGHT"

Promotional videos are broadcast:

  • on TV and websites (видеореклама),
  • on the streets and in shopping malls (videobannerı)
  • exhibitions, conferences, festivals, for demonstration team of the company or partners (presentations and corporate films).

Videos are divided into:

  • simple,
  • staged,
  • animation,
  • computer graphics,
  • Combined and other.

Production of promotional video on the order includes several stages:

  • development of video ideas,
  • material selection character creation, background, parts,
  • scenario, direction, survey,
  • animation, sound recording and processing (installation, special effects, Color Correction).

Advertising video screensavers with 3D animation by Production Company INSIGHT

corporate video production production company INSIGHT

Corporate film - can briefly and interesting to see the history of the company, describe its services, disclose the social value of the company, to talk about the prospects, plans for the future.
It used to strengthen the corporate culture, for displays at exhibitions and conferences, to demonstrate to partners.

Рекламный ролик для сайта чипсы Ратата. Чипсы из лаваша, advertisement 50 seconds.

Рекламный ролик для сайта чипсы Ратата. Чипсы из лаваша, advertisement 50 seconds.

Price on request video

Price depends on the type of bespoke video, whether the game needed actors, creating 3D-animation, from its production costs, and many other factors.
Contact us, and we will help you realize all your ideas to life, We offer some really interesting options!

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