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Order layout site in St. Petersburg

Site layout - the creation of Web-pages of the current template, which can be correctly opened in any browser. initially, the imposition of a different meaning and is used in the printing to determine the size of the printed product. DTP is different, but the essence remains the same. Coder "customize" page to the width of the user's monitor.

Order Site layout, you can have. Our team only experienced and highly skilled web designers, able to perform work of any complexity quickly, with high quality and at a reasonable cost. Layout of the home page, its sections and subsections of the main - it all, and much more, we perform quality and inexpensive!

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What you can order a site layout we

Distinguish three main types of layout:

  • fixed layout (In developing the site recorded a certain length and width of the window, that allows you to work a little easier coder, the layout in the future will be easy to pick up on the required size).
  • rubber layout (a rubber-based layout lies percentage division, wherein the coder sets the percentage of items per page, and when you change the scale of the content is automatically selected).
  • Nesting on Bitrix (in addition to basic values, Site layout on bitrix It must meet a number of requirements for a template "1C-Bitrix", which is slightly complicates the task).

Result, that you receive

Before you get started, We will consider all your wishes and requirements. Depending on the focus of the online resource, its goals and objectives, we can offer the best solution. As a result of the imposition, made by our specialists, He will meet the current criteria:

  1. Cross-browser compatibility. The site will be equally well displayed in all known browsers, as well as on mobile devices.
  2. High validity Site.
  3. Semantychnost (ie. compliance with elements of the site to its purpose).
  4. compact code.
  5. Division HTML-code the block.
  6. Handling JavaScript.


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The cost of works will depend on many factors: workload, Filling content, the presence of complex animations and many other components of the full site. Regardless of the goals, we do the work of any complexity. Contact - contact your Internet resource will always work correctly, attracting potential customers and buyers! Find out the cost of project development in St. Petersburg.

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