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Order Yandex Direct and achieve a result - just!

The popularity of Yandex Direct is continuously growing, due to the advantages of this service. This system to accommodate a thematic search and contextual advertising is used daily by millions of Internet users, that, statistics show, They became one of the most active buyers.

To advertise earned, not enough simply to place it. It is important to do it properly, and to cope with this task will help you in the advertising agency "Insight". Thanks to the professionalism and experience of agency staff, your ad in the shortest possible time to attract the target audience and bring you the expected return.

Why you need to order Yandex Direct

The main task of Yandex Direct - clock advertising of goods and services in search results. that advertising on Yandex I work and bring you income, required in the first place to make competent and announcement, which will be aimed at the target audience.

Next step, determining future success - proper and competent setting Yandex Direct. Despite the fact that this service is easy to use, it has some pitfalls, you want to consider when placing ads and further work with him.

Show ads on the service Yandex Direct is made depending on two parameters:

  • price a clique in Yandex Direct;
  • ad click rate.

cost per click established by the employer within a predetermined range.

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Advertising on Yandex: cost per month

At the cost of advertising in Yandex Direct impact:

  1. Number of clicks, which carry users through advertisements. The customer does not pay for the show, and for the number of clicks on your ad.
  2. CTR of the ad.

why are we?

Working with us, you not only save your time, and money. In our agency work only experienced professionals, which are able to cope with the task of any complexity. At the disposal of employees, modern technology and a full technical basis for the work with the system Yandex Direct.

We guarantee you:

  1. Timely implementation of.
  2. Responsible and careful attention to the order.
  3. Favorable and acceptable prices.
  4. Literacy campaign settings based on your goals and financial capabilities.
  5. Drawing up an effective advertisement, capable in the shortest time to reach potential customers

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