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Creating a promotional video for a startup

A startup called a young and growing company, which offers the market an innovative product or service. A significant part of start-ups accounted for the market of Internet services, while the remaining companies are distributed in an innovative sector of the economy of its various branches. Promotional Video for such projects is of particular importance, and the development of a commercial for a startup is carried out within the overall concept of the project and with an emphasis on individuality and uniqueness of the product or service.

Create promos in Russia is a new, not yet developed direction, However, modern methods allow you to implement a wide range of shooting possibilities, installation and creation of three-dimensional animation. Often, exactly ads It used as the main presentation material online services and on the official start-up network Wanderer.

Advertising agency Insight will help you create a unique promotional video for a startup, which will provide the company among other projects the unique content, Innovative graphics and striking design!

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Features of creation promo- Roller for a startup

Promotional role for startups - is his business card, which reflects the basic idea and concept of the project. In the process of their creation, we consider the storyline, the main advantage of the product and make the slant on innovation, emphasizing the uniqueness and personality of the first seconds of the video sequence to the very end.

Promotional video, created by professionals of the advertising agency Insight, can ensure a prosperous future for the young company, providing visual information on a consumer product and make a loud statement the business environment of other market participants, including - potential investors and business angels. Production of commercials being a professional design team, programmers and artists, who have extensive experience with a variety of creative projects.

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The main phase of the promo video

Creating a promotional video for an online product or startup consists of the following steps:

  • The preparatory stage - the creation of the concept of video and discussion of the main plot with the customer and a team of designers and artists.
  • Storyboard - per plot tie-dye in all promo clips.
  • Approval of the final form of the story.
  • Shooting preparations - finding the right actors and locations.
  • Shooting - conducting survey work.
  • Subsequent video processing by software.

video Infographic, concept. Sold with the replacement of your logo and information

Production of a promotional video: effectively, available, during

Shooting advertising is comparable with the shooting mini-movie: occasionally, to create only a few minutes of video using large-scale sets and uses a sophisticated 3D-animation with blending technology.

No less important is the creative component of the project, Design promotional video created as part of a unified concept of the project and agreed with the customer before the start of major works. For each new project, set their own terms and conditions on registration, plotting and storyline, therefore each developed our promo video is unique in the whole.

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5 basic rules for creating promotional video, we clearly follow:

  • Each promo is unique, so copy any elements from other projects is unacceptable.
  • Promo video created based on an existing design concept of a product or service (branding, title, common colors).
  • The finished video is customer-oriented in nature and is made taking into account the specifics of a particular audience.
  • We create a truly unique storyline, that interested potential client startup.
  • Promotional video can be created for any purpose and for any type of device. You can turn to us for creating a promotional video for the web service or order the development of the video for offline business - we take into account the nuances of your project and offer the best solution, work for you!

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