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Creating a video screen

Video screen saver is called a short video, which runs in front of the main "body" of the film. The duration of such a screen is about 3-20 seconds, and time will depend on the specifics of the company and especially the main video. It is important to pay attention to this work, as the movie - this is the first, he sees a partner or a customer of the company, thus formed a certain impression, as the video, and the company's activities, he created the.

Create video screen is almost no different from making a movie. Like any movie, at the screen has its own plot, storyboard and overlay video effects. these mini- Movies can be made, on the computer with the help of animation and simulation technologies, and can be filmed on a professional camera with hired actors or employees.

Video screensaver, as an element of branding

Services to create video screen are very popular with a variety of organizations. Its proprietary video screensaver has almost all large and well-known companies, who spread a unique content to the network or offer to view their own short films about its products or services.

Video screensaver is not just entry, and the company logo of the company, seeing that the customer can make certain conclusions, eg: famous studio «LostFilm» always shows its viewers the same screensaver, по которой ее можно узнать с первых же секунд. Find out the cost of project development in St. Petersburg.

The main types of video screen, you can order:

  • logo animation. logo animation includes the development of a short video series (to 10 sec.) with company logo company, it may be performed both on 3D, and on the two-dimensional technology.
  • Dynamic video saver. It includes a set of different effects, as well as music and elements of animation and computer graphics.

Why video is so important saver?

Our perception of functions of one and the same laws and regulations, one of which is typically the beginning and end: we best remember that, that at the beginning of a specific information package and in the end. Therefore, the screen saver is aimed at the very epicenter of human attention, it is aimed at concentration and deposition data in non-volatile memory. Bright and intriguing, it is the company logo of the company, as a label or title.

Video without beginning or end seems dry and unprofessional, saver also serves as a decoration of the main video segment, so the importance of its design can not be underestimated.

The main stages of creating a video screen

Developing a video screensaver includes the following main stages of:

  • Development of the design concept. This includes the approval of the technical creation, as well as the choice of colors, colors and animations.
  • Creating a finished story Future video screen saver is divided into frames and constitute a single frame story.
  • Creating basic objects. If necessary, a shooting operation and the computer simulated the main objects.
  • installation. At the stage of the installation is cut off all the excess and using computer processing to the video attached animation and effects.

How to order a video animation in Moscow

Order video animations can now advertising agency "Insight". Creating a video screen in Moscow, performed by a team of professional designers and artists, backed by many years of experience with a variety of companies.

Dynamic and catchy video animations can be used to broadcast video traffic in the channel youtube, for advertising purposes, and esters, a short film of its own production and news programs. Contact - we are extremely attentive to each new project, so our customers know - the result will be worth the effort and time!

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