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How to create a marketing package design

packaging design - the most important characteristic of heading, designed:

  • is available to explain what is its purpose and method of use;
  • introduce the product in the best light;
  • cause desire to buy.

In this way, good design is a powerful marketing tool, helping to attract the attention of consumers to the product and increases sales!

Proper creation of the selling package requires answers to three main questions:

  1. For some goods it is intended?

While working on this design labels and packaging necessary to consider the most important characteristics of the product.

  1. Who is the target audience?

Of great importance is the, It's designed products: for women, for men or unisex, as well as some price category it falls. For example, for the clearance of goods packaging, people-oriented, appreciate the environmental, it is advisable to use natural materials. headings, relating to the "luxury" segment, You should be in the package elements, is associated with wealth and abundance: exquisite shades, embossing etc..

  1. In no circumstances will occur the process of purchasing?

It has a place value product sales: supermarket, small shop or a large retail, boutique… The perception of the same package, what he saw in the consumer online store or on the counter of the supermarket may differ significantly.

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Influence of packaging design on the sales growth!

Numerous marketing studies have shown: average, two-thirds of buyers pay attention to the product in the first place because of the attractiveness of its packaging, half of consumers are ready to make a purchase of a product, distinguishes "catchy" design.

Many examples are known, when the company decided to redesign the packaging of their products, after which its sales soared!

Features sells packaging

  1. pithiness

Currently, people have to cope with the huge flows of various information, which is why potential buyers have not always the desire and time for, to study the package carefully. therefore, the most important trend in the design of modern packaging serves the use of a minimum number of parts and a message about the product only the most important information.

  1. original fonts

Interesting font is an effective tool for, to distinguish the packaging, among many other. The order of the individual font - reasonable investment, which is akin to handicrafts, able to evoke an emotional attachment with the target audience. Well-chosen product under the specifics of the font is able to properly focus on its strengths!

  1. Color spectrum

Those skilled in the field of marketing and advertising know very well, how much color can evoke certain emotions and be crucial in deciding on the purchase.

For this reason, selection used to design label design and packaging colors, – one of the most important and crucial stages of its development. The trend - bright shades and associations. Not infrequently it happens, that the buyer liked forgot the name of the goods, but remember, it was packed in a box of a certain color.

  1. Pictures

A wonderful way to tell the story of a buyer of a particular product - to illustrate it in packaging design. This technique helps to create a solid brand image, as well as reveal the strengths of the products offered

  1. Postal paraphernalia

To date, the increasing popularity won the tendency to create package design, simulating postal parcels. The high efficiency of such a move due to the fact, that almost the majority of people sending email causes pleasant associations with distant travel, nice souvenir, overseas countries.

  1. Transparency

Classic package provide complete hiding the contents of containers, that does not meet with the approval of many customers. Completely natural and understandable is their desire to see, in reality it looks the goods, inside the. boxes, equipped with so-called "viewing windows", allow us to consider the type of product and evaluate its quality, that is more credible for consumers.

  1. notes retro

For many years at the peak of popularity remains packaging design, designed in vintage style. It's simple: the older generation of emotionally back in the days of his youth, Youth also have a chance to "touch" a different era.

  1. Environmentally friendly

General fashion to the correct way of life - the main trend 21 century. People tend to buy organic, environmentally friendly products, do not contain preservatives, dyes and other harmful substances. This trend could not be displayed on the packaging design. Win-win situation to emphasize the natural origin of the products - used in the design of its packaging container discreet natural shades.

  1. density

Incredibly dynamic lifestyle of modern people also dictates the rules in the development of packaging design. Because, a large part of the day takes place at the office, traveling, on trainings and courses, but not at home, highly prized portable package. The need for packaging compact format is very high, as it allows you to carry the desired product with a.

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It will not be an exaggeration to say, the label and packaging design, – brand face, showing the target audience, partners and competitors to its own essence and main characteristics.

packaging design - a process very responsible, which requires taking into account many different factors, the most, thin knowledge of consumer psychology, understanding of all the nuances and peculiarities of the goods, for which it is created. on, how successful it will, It depends directly on the demand for it and increase sales!

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 20 000p. time: from 5 days

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