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10 best case studies 3D animation in advertising offline

3D animation - an effective marketing tool, It has the ability to represent any product bright and juicy, as well as to realize the plot with its own laws of physics.

To date, videos with animated characters - an integral part of the culture, which compete with conventional rollers can not. To create 3D animated movies using special software and that as a result of advertising have a truly impressive and catchy for the target audience, they must be ordered from qualified professionals.

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3d model and animation of the residential complex 3d model and animation of the residential complex 3d model and animation of the residential complex 3d model and animation of the residential complex 3d model and animation of the residential complex

Using 3D animation has a number of advantages:

  1. In situations, when you want a quick look at the concept and the idea of ​​introducing a new product, creating an animated 3D movie is the best option for an advertising campaign. With it will be possible to fully translate the audience the most important messages. Besides, roller convenient to fill with new information, and for potential consumers of such feed material is the most easy to understand.
  2. 3D animation allows to demonstrate innovative and modern approach of the company, as well as the, that it keeps pace with the times. Such a method is excellent for advertising-tech products and attracts a younger audience. The most appropriate use of three-dimensional visualization for the presentation of new gadgets, software, technology and communications.
  3. Unlimited possibilities for creating high-quality and unique in its kind video. Computer animation allows you to precisely convey the idea, without requiring huge financial costs, availability of the set, without the need to take into account the change of day and night, etc..
  4. optimal investment. Shoot normal promotional video requires much more budget, than the 3D video. This is due to the lack of necessary expenses for directors, actors, crew, scenery, special equipment and rental of premises.
  5. The undoubted advantage of animated movies is the possibility to create new worlds and demonstrate the, in which everything is arranged. For example, a complete picture can be created in the video about, for example, large-scale production, inside the equipment or during digestion in humans. In other words,, 3D animation allows a simple, accessible and fascinating way to talk about the complex.
  6. Having your own character, which represents the product, – successful course, promoting recognition of the company and establish communication with the consumer audience.
  7. Instruments, which has a 3D animation, provide an opportunity to show the product from all angles and focus on it the attention of viewers.

3d model and animation of the residential complex

According to the complexity of creation, 3D rollers is conventionally divided into such categories:

  1. simple

Their goal - to convey information to customers and to demonstrate all the advantages of the product. In these commercials no characters and sophisticated animation effects. Ideal for advertising various household appliances.

  1. caption

Such advertising is ideal for demonstration before the screening of the film at the cinema or broadcast on TV news. They also rarely “live” characters, however, the possible presence of complex effects.

  1. The combination of video and animations

The best example of such a variety of animated product is well-known "Garfield" – with animated characters in the film.

  1. Game or staged

Such a product and a storyline, and characters. It is the most expensive among all other types of animated 3D movies, but it is also the most effective advertising tool. The purpose of creation of such rollers is much larger, rather than advertising a certain product. They are aimed at, so that the target audience remember trivial character, which will be easy to identify with the brand itself.

3d model and animation of the residential complex

3D animations are ideal for:

  • creating characters, personifying the company. A lot of world-famous brands have their own animated characters. They are absolutely unique, and their vivid image stored better and faster, than real artists.
  • Visualization of abstract concepts. When presenting the various medical studies often show a 3D animated videos, clearly show, for example, virus effect on the body's cells, and many other processes, which can not be seen with your own eyes.
  • Using the plot unusual places, which have their own laws of physics. The audience makes a stunning impression of the movement of characters with overspeed or a trip to the moon.
  • commercials, remove that video camera is not possible or very difficult.

3d model and animation of the residential complex

The secret of success

The reasons, which 3D commercials occupy a leading position among all other types of videos:

  • unlimited possibilities of the artists in the implementation of the most insane ideas;
  • their brightness, vitality and attractiveness causes the greatest interest of the audience.

3d model and animation of the residential complex