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branding car – rules and errors

Branding of road transport has gained a reputation as a simple, and at the same time, the effective way to brand, its products / services, and attract new customers. This option has gained special popularity in recent years, when the relevance of search marketing solutions nontrivial, able to identify profitable company among its competitors, very high. Competent examples of branding car showcase, that prepodnosimye thereby advertising information often works more efficiently, than the outer stationary advertising.

Features and benefits of branding car

reasons, through which advertising information, placed on cars, It works particularly effectively, some.

The key can be attributed:

  1. Pre-designed route of this advertising medium allows it to be seen by a large number of potential customers in different parts of the city, regardless of where they live and work. Under this item,, advertising on cars surpasses promoters and stationary outdoor advertising tools (signage, billboards, štendery and pr.).
  1. Advertising they see drivers neighboring machines on the passing vehicles, their passengers, as well as pedestrians. In addition, the dynamic property information is better remembered, than static.
  1. In big cities and metropolitan areas with large populations, which are peculiar to the permanent "plugs" on the roads, such advertising is working with maximum efficiency, because it is seen almost everything, standing next to a stream.

Forms of advertising on the cars

Depending on the type of vehicle, which will act as an advertising medium, The following types of advertising:

  • personal vehicles;
  • corporate vehicles;
  • rear window of the car.

As a method of drawing the image and text information, it is most common are:

  1. Pasting by special film.
  2. With the use of paint and varnish coatings.

The second method uses smaller popularity, due to some of its drawbacks. At first, make changes to the layout is quite difficult in the initial design, and sometimes it is not possible, and secondly, the cost of such a vehicle either in the event of the sale is below, as return the original covering of the car will not be possible.

The first way - taping a special film, an affordable cost, the simplicity of the process and more opportunities in terms of creative realization of advertising ideas. In turn, this type of advertising, further divided into: full-color printing and cutting plotter. The difference between them is the size of an object, which will be located on the vehicle. For large images suitable full-color printing, for small parts or single-color labels are turning to cutting plotter.

Terms of car branding

As I mentioned above, advertising on vehicles, a very effective way to express yourself and stand out from your competitors, it has a weight of indisputable advantages. But, All this is true, only under the condition of following a number of important rules.

  1. Taboo on photos

photos of the problem is, they primarily attract attention. And since advertising, placed on transport, is in constant motion, the potential customer has only a few seconds, to perceive your message. In other words,, person, see photos, for example, air conditioning, will understand, that you are promoting this product and type of service, but the time for, to read and remember the name and contact details of the company it is simply not enough.

  1. Having a brand

Planning branding car should be aware, that without the catchy and memorable logo, which would be associated with the brand, nothing happens. He should be given pride of place and trace the line with the color gamut of a slogan, text and graphic elements. Professional designers do not recommend using more than two, maximum of three, basic shades. This will help to focus on the main target audience.

  1. At least text information

To text information "worked", it should be as concise, easy to understand, It does not contain professional terminology and ambiguities. The text block is not more than two types of fonts to be used, large and readable, that people have the opportunity to read it, even at a distance and in motion. Ideally, character color - bright and contrasting to the main background.

  1. Required to correctly position the text of the advertisement

Proper location of the text block is of paramount importance. Because it affects readability, showiness and visibility from different angles. It should be noted, our advertising vehicle - the vehicle, which is constantly in motion, and exposed to rain and snow, that is often dirty. For this reason, the text information should be placed on top of the car.

  1. Avoid advertising on complex parts of the car

To advertising looked attractive and carry out its functions, in the process of planning its placement, must take into account the technological aspects present in the car, which is quite a lot. it handles, number plates, Roosters and t.d. Ideally, you should avoid advertising on these parts. If you want to spend the entire branding of the entire vehicle, should think carefully, how to beat it so, that the general view was harmonious.

  1. Careful placement of the QR-code

Every year the trend placing QR-code is becoming more popular, because it allows significantly improve the efficiency of the advertising company. Reading the QR-code which makes it possible to redirect the people concerned directly to the website of the advertiser.

But we must not forget, that there are rules of accommodation. So, QR-code must be placed in the most accessible places, that it was simple and easy to read, As far as the parameters, the optimal, if its length and width are equal to or exceed 30 cm.

  1. Remember: passer will not remember the phone, address and e-mail

The key to effective branding car - in understanding, that is able to "hook" a potential customer's attention in the few seconds, until he sees advertising vehicle in motion. Remember the phone number, address or e-mail address of the company - a task completely unrealistic, so you should make a "bet" on the creative design, memorable logo and brand name. remember it, People can enter the name in the search box on the Internet and become familiar with all the necessary information.

  1. Do focus on one service, the most powerful in your arsenal

Due to the nature of advertising on vehicles, and above all its dynamism, when presenting information important to correct accents. To place an ad unit complete the list of services or products offered, It does not make sense, because all read and remember no one can. The most important, what is required of branding car - to draw attention to the company, its logo and understanding of the main services, it provides to.

What information is best placed?

As practice shows, best effect shows a design of the car branding, in which there is attractive for a potential client image and a call to action. The vehicle - advertising medium, which is not suitable broadcast verbose text information, requires, to grasp it and to ponder. The best option - to place on the car memorable logo, contact the company and address of site. Minimum "intricate" font, no more than two or three well combined with each other flowers.

Errors in the examples branding

When deciding on the branding of cars, customers seeking to achieve two key objectives: enhance the company's image and attract new customers. In order to successfully achieve the objectives you need to understand the basic principles, on which the outdoor advertising, car pasting technology.

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Respectively, among the most serious of mistakes in branding car, It can be divided into two groups:

  • Mistakes in design branding car
  1. Large amount of information with a detailed list of services provided, products, special offers, of shares, contacts, etc.. simply scares client.
  1. The desire to stand out and "struck" at the expense of the riot used to design the layout of colors, bold graphics and different fonts encourages, the viewer and does not reach to the heart of information.
  1. Unreadable font - another blunder. too small, too creative or multilayered in combination with poor vision and many people advertising carrier movement lead to, that the placement of text information can not be read.
  • Errors in the gluing technology cars

As for the errors of this type, they all boil down to two basic: an effort to save on the cost of the film and on the cost of directly pasting.

It should be understood, that the price of the film - is directly proportional to its life, and inversely proportional to its quality, number of small, imperceptible at first sight, defects, and tendency to shrinkage, etc..

Since different vehicles relief surface, for its high-quality gluing, which is always done by hand, requires the competent specialist with extensive experience of this type of work.

The cost of branding car

As for the cost of the event, it depends on several factors. Mainly, it affects: designer cost of services, develops design layout, the price of the materials used (Wrapping film or paint and varnish manufacturing), specialist services, directly performing vehicle branding.

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"Is it worth it to brand cars?» – ask yourself the question many business owners and private entrepreneurs, seeking to attract new customers and increase awareness of your company. definitely worth! This method of promoting the brand has a lot of indisputable advantages at relatively low cost to conduct a similar campaign. the main thing, Things to consider, – there are rules for car branding, the implementation of which is guaranteed to help effectively achieve goals.

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