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Concept art games – game concept art

Concept art games – game concept art

Creating graphics for computer games, illustrations development to games to ps, xbox, ios, android. cost of, St. Petersburg.

price: from 20 000p. time: from 5 days.

Work examples: illustrations | Creative | Polygraphy

game concept art

Today, the video game industry, which can be played on any device, be it computer, smartphone, ps or xbox, developing the most intensively, so many investors turned their attention to creating games. And it is right, because the games are always in demand! Concept art games - this is the first, where to start development. And the "Insight" agency will gladly help with the promotion of the project and the creation of concept art.

It should be noted, that the concepts - a "key figures" of the game, sketches, sketches (characters, situation, weapons, etc.) Total, that will create the universe. Based on these figures and developed all the visual part of the game. therefore, of course, overestimate the complexity and importance of the creation of concepts is very difficult.

The basis of any game

The "Insight" studio can always order the development of concept art of the game any difficulty, for any device. We are working as efficiently as possible, quickly, equally flawless - so, to result in the 100% I meet your expectations!

Only the talented artists will be able to evaluate:

  • features;
  • strategy;
  • plot;
  • characters characters;
  • niceties, inherent in each game universe.

Concept art games

Based on these data, own aesthetic views, as well as your wishes and analysis of market competitors are unique images, which help to immediately identify exactly your game among similar products of competitors. This will attract the attention of the audience, sponsors, interested in the future of players and even to some extent to save money on advertising and promotion, as beautiful concepts and so will contribute to attracting audiences.

deciding order concept art of the game the professionals, you make a choice in favor of the game Payback, its demand, the popularity and effectiveness, which will provide the visual part of the gameplay.

Features of our work

Before you get started, experts study the video game market, as well as the concept of the game, specify all technical specifications and know the intricacies, what kind of result you want to get. On the basis of these data are monochromatic sketches, sketches of the future concepts, who agree with you and finalized in accordance with any comments. Then, after that, as sketches agreed, our artists transfer the image, make it voluminous and color.

After approval kotsept arts layouts are transmitted to the customer. As a result of a team of specialists, you get a unique gaming universe, not like the others, beautiful and eye-catching.

Designers of "Insight" is understood in the beautiful and high-quality games and assist you in creating an exclusive product, which will be in demand among users!

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