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The development of 2d and 3d characters for games

The development of 2d and 3d characters for games

Character Creation, arms, transport, Monster Games, movies, cartoon. cost of, to order, St. Petersburg.

price: from 15 000p. time: from 10 days

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Character Creation

Video games have long ceased to be just a means of entertainment and most little girls and boys. Today, computer games - it is a separate kind of art, which requires observance of, Who creates them, certain rules. And the beauty, glamor, the brightness of the characters - this is one of the essential elements of the game. In this regard, the agency "Insight" offers development of 2d and 3d characters for games. Any task, even the most complex, us on the shoulder!

Creative as he is

The characters make the game recognizable, they fall in love gamers, They want to be like them. So important, to the project of the future gaming masterpiece was bright and creative, not like anyone characters. And only a professional approach to the development of the game of heroes able to accomplish these tasks.

Order development of 2d and 3d characters for games - means, to opt for a perfect result, which the:

  • It will help to attract the attention of potential players;
  • It contributes to the release of the game among similar products of competitors;
  • greatly simplify the approach to the development of the game, its concept and other features;
  • It will serve as one of the stages of the marketing company, after the spectacular characters speak for themselves.

Besides, professional design 2d and 3d characters for games It allows potential sponsors and gamers immediately appreciate the high technological level of the project: this will indicate a quality computer graphics, used in the development of the game Heroes projects.

The development of 2d and 3d characters

How we are working

Creating a game character - work is very time-consuming, including the elaboration of his character, appearance, dress, arms, transport, etc.. Very important, to have been saved the correct proportions of the hero, It takes into account the anatomy, especially gait and other seemingly insignificant details. Only after the approval of the establishment and the future of the character sketch of his image is animated by means of modern technologies, and model born hero.

Also of note, that the characters can be created and for advertising purposes, for movies and cartoons. Designers studio "Insight" carefully study the market and create an exclusive character, similar to which will not. We try to work as quickly as possible, Considering the concept of the game, especially its management, plot etc. As a result, we have created characters will ideally complement the existing, or just getting ready for the launch of the project.

Along with "Insight" agency succeed in their own business will be much easier, because with us you will be able to realize any task, even the most difficult and non-trivial!

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