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The best ways to come up with a brand name

Any company or firm, in the making, It is facing one of the main issues: "How to come up with a brand name?». The name for the company or its product has a huge role in the TM development processes or the whole company. so, let's talk in more detail about the ideas of the brand name and the selection of brand name

Presentation about the naming

Naming - the formation of the names for the enterprise, brand, Products or services.

The main task of naming - the formation of a unique name, which can increase the level of awareness and recall of goods, prompt implementation, increase the number of customers and strengthen the brand position in the market.

The choice of name is not always TM spontaneous process. there are experts, devoted to the study of this part of the company TM, that use the required theory, in order to create a truly unique name for your company or product.

Refined name will contribute to her triumph in winning, recognizing and guaranteeing legal protection, in the formation of emotional contact with prospective clients.

how must have a name? For the successful promotion of it must perform the following actions:

  • otrazhatvoploscheniyaiisklyuchitelnosttovara;
  • prytyahyvatynteresveroyatnohopokupatelyaktovaruysozdavatpolozhytelnoeэmotsyonalnoeotnoshenyekbrendu;
  • be easy to memorizing and speaking the;
  • formirovaniezapominayuschihsyaassotsiatsy;
  • vyrabatyvatavtoritetsostoronypotrebiteleyikompanonov.

how think of a name for the brand? Here is the procedure phase:

  • Izucheniebuduschihpotrebiteley. Raskrytievazhneyshihpreferentsiyipotrebzakazchikov, opisanievazhneyshihdostoinstvpokupatelyaiargumentirovanieihpostupkov.
  • Formirovanieperechnyaimenfirm rivals, chtodastponimanie, kakieulovkivprotsesseobrazovaniyanazvaniyaTMprimeniliopponenty.
  • VyrabatyvaniepretenziykimeniTM. Prirabotenadneйmingomuchitыvaйte, chtonazvanieobyazanonetolkozvuchatibytkrasivym, noitolkovym, EMKIM, obyazanozapominatsyaslegkostyu, transparent, porozhdattolkopolozhitelnyeemotsiiiassotsiatsii, but, the main thing, exclusive, unrepeatable.
  • Obrazovanievsevozmozhnyhvariantovnazvaniyblagodaryavazhneyshimsposobamneyminga.
  • VyboriproverkanailuchshihmodifikatsiyimenTM.
  • RegistratsiyaTM.

aspects of logo design

The most popular methods, how to choose a name for the brand

№1 – According to the founder's name

Simple technique called the company – human name. According to this formula, we established the following companies: chocolate "Alenka", magazine "Maxim", etc.. You can also use your last name at the same time.. In frequent cases,, the company's name becomes the name of any, namely firm creator. For example, large enterprise, engaged in the production «Ford» Car, beer "Bochkarev", Vodka «Smirnoff».

№2 – Analogy

name, Produced by color names, trees, birds, constellations, heavenly bodies, Names of celebrities or characters of animated films – Puma, Red Bull, other.

№3 – combination words

Letting in all sorts of business words, isolated part, it is possible to add completely new words, which may be suitable for perfectly here TM: the name of the world famous brand Adidas is formed in such a way: name of the founder and creator – Adolf Dassler, but his friends called Adi (Adi Das).

№4 – Alliteration

Name brand is based on the rhythmic repetitions of identical consonants. For example, non-alcoholic carbonated beverage «Coca-Cola», refreshing sweets «Tic-Tac».

№5 – Acronym / reduction

Acronym – kind of an abbreviation, which is formed from the first letters of the words or particles, read as a whole word, rather than each individually bukvochki.

This method is great, if you can not give up the long names. Therefore, the best way to use abbreviations of words. At the same time, it does not break the client's interaction with the company. Good example: IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd).

logo, form style, business documentation, Guide on the use of the logo, South ilmenite

№6 – Metonimija

Operation of techniques from general to partial and vice versa, for example, BurgerKing - "the king of burgers". Said reception operates in the return line, let us say, Empire style. Name Starbucks also uses this method. Favorite work was the main founder of stores work of Herman Melville “Moby Dick”. And the main character Starbuck loved invigorating drink. This is where coffee houses got their name from, glorified them not only in the US, but also abroad.

№7 – Onomatopoeia

The use of words in their names, which can convey certain properties of the product. for example, Schwepps - trademark beverages.

№8 – Secret meaning

The name may include the value of lurking. Brand names sometimes incomprehensible customers, but for the sake of curiosity, some may start looking for the subtext of these names. for example, very few have an idea, that NIVEA is Latin – “snow-white”.

№9 – unbound from commodity the words

Realize, that is not a strict order of the company name directly combined with its activity. After all, it is possible to name every gesheft, not related to the company's work, in short. Sometimes repeated problem solving based on the stimulation of creative activity have no effect and the formation of the name for the company and will remain unfinished.

No need to spend hours and days abyss for the invention named TM. Enough to look around at all, that covers us: people, objects, plants, nature.

For example, Adobe – on behalf of the river, MANGO - from fruit.

№10 – Cutting the individual parts words

Option form name by cutting a few syllables, or some of the particles of the words. An excellent example, when the name created in this way, will SiscoSystems. name based, thanks to the name of the famous San Francisco.

logo Inter-regional tourist destination trip

oversight at choosing a brand name

  • IspolzovatvnaimenovaniiTMinitsialy, names, familiivladeteley.

Many want to glorify his name through the name of the company or companies. However, this option is suitable for those, who already owns a personal brand, who is known as a professional in the field or the heir of the dynasty in a certain area.

  • Doveryattolkolichnomukrugozoru

Incredibly dangerous mistake, as the number of all our knowledge is much less, than the volume of the existing range of information. many thought, that the word has a positive effect, It has no hidden meanings and slang meanings? super, but, examine carefully in the search engines, is it true.

Often, many people do not think about that, that certain individual actions are illegal. When choosing a name at the moment is there a brand, you carry all liability for the result and consequence of this choice.

  • seduce, chtovseoboydetsyaipolagatsyanaprorehivzakonah

Often we are not lubricated, that some of our actions are illegal. Picking up for your brand name is already existing brand, you carry full responsibility for the outcome of this selection.

  • Netyasnovidimogopozitsionirovaniya, osoznaniyalichnogotovaraibuduschihklientov.
  • Imitirovatznamenityebrendy
  • Ispolzovatklisheishtampy

These errors, for luck, there are only a few times, but it does happen. Entrepreneurs do not always realize, that name should be easily read by the target audience.

How to check if the brand name is occupied

  1. Poischitevpoiskovikah. Estveroyatnostotyskatkompaniyusanalogichnymnazvaniemietoyavlyaetsyaosnovaniemsereznozadumatsya.
  2. VymozhetebezcheylibopomoschivypolnitpredvaritelnyypoiskvbazetorgovyhmaroksovershennobezvozmezdnonasayteUkrpatenta.

However: the name will be displayed only been registered, Applications will not be visible.

  1. Search patent agencies. These firms are designed to solve problems with intellectual property.

check in

Registration of new trade mark to be done, in order to protect it from unnecessary use by other persons. Drawing up occurs after submission of necessary documents Ukrpatent. Typical TM registration lasts from one to one and a half years, but if you want faster, the period from the turn 4 to 9 months. Upon completion of the registration procedure, the owner will be given a "Certificate of trademark", and shopping sign itself will be entered in the national register.

The conclusion of the above next: a fancy name for the brand should be:

  • straightforward;
  • proiznositsyadolzhnolegko;
  • predelnovnyatnymdlyaklientov;
  • bright, notable.