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best 10 flyers for a beauty salon

To date, one of the most rapidly growing industries is the beauty industry. It includes beauty salons, hairdressing, spas, as well as manufacturers, producing different cosmetics.

In each area of ​​any city, and especially in its central part, there are an impressive number of beauty salons. But even with fierce competition, the owners of the establishments have the opportunity to focus express themselves and tell, about the benefits of the services provided, and thus attract new customers.

We are talking about the effect on the well-built marketing strategy and use different tools.

price: from 15 000p. time: from 3 days

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Design Beauty Salon

Outdoor advertising

  1. Making a point (facade, entrance area, signboard).

It is very important to focus on the following factors:

  • to attract the attention of passers-by;
  • external appearance should signal a specialization establishments, one glance should be enough, to understand - we just beauty salon;
  • observance of the concept of institution. Luxurious interior with high prices should be appropriately designed, institution of economy class have to look neat and beautiful, but without excessive glamor.
  1. Billboards, banners, pillars, Indices, advertising on vehicles, elevators, etc..

practice shows, that gives the highest return placement of outdoor advertising in the immediate vicinity of the beauty salon (least, in the same area, when it comes to the metropolis). Ideal for the perception of a large font, contrast in color to the background shade,

Flyer Design Beauty Salon

Printable advertisement

This category includes a small, leaflets, booklets, catalogs and other graphic art products

Booklets for the beauty salon

Booklets for the beauty salon - the universal and very effective type of advertising tool, which will increase the customer base and gain a foothold in the market. Well-written booklets, flyer, Flyers are the perfect solution., both large, and small salons.

Design of promotional materials

Today's consumers are so spoiled, that the pattern printing editions, devoid of "hooks" and "flavor", not attract attention and do not cause any interest. It is therefore important, when designing brochures apply creative approach and use a non-trivial solutions. Handed to a prospective client booklets beauty not immediately went into a nearby trash, you need to spend a great job.

First of all, you need to decide:

  • Design of printed publications;
  • size and thickness of the booklet or booklets;
  • the type of information and the form of its filing.

The structure of the material feed

When designing a printed handout should adhere to certain principles. The main condition for ease of perception performs harmonious layout blocks of text and illustrations. Text is best broken down into small separate blocks. are the main requirement to it: to understand and minimum number of used professional terms, reach a wide range of people.

Small pieces of information are convenient, that man, looking booklet waiting for their turn, even for the least amount of time will have time to read at least a part of the information.

The best samples for flyers beauty contain such data:

  1. Information about new services

Promote new services is quite difficult without the help of advertising, because even the regular customers can not pay attention to the new services without emphasizing them.

  1. Cosmetics, used by craftsmen

Potential and regular customers will be interesting and useful to learn about the professional tools, and the specifics of their impact (therapeutic, court, moisturizing effect, etc.)

  1. shares, discounts and other attractive offers for visitors

Various action advertising have a good return, and it is desirable to hold them regularly.

Photos and Illustrations

Photo, placed on the leaflet, flyer and brochure pages, required to be of high quality. Categorically do not fit those, on which the image is fuzzy, blurred or cloudy, as this can ruin a first impression of the beauty salon.

Subjects of the photos can be any: master cabin at work, interior Features, professional cosmetics, satisfied customers, etc.. The main thing - not to overload the booklets or leaflets for beauty photographs and an abundance of text.

Important! It is mandatory to check attentive advertising printing for the correct spelling of the contact data (address, phone numbers, Email, website), as well as the image location map, interior layout before printing.

text quality

Advertising text for the beauty salon must be competent, carefully subtract and contain interesting and useful information for the user, filed in an accessible form. Important, that the emphasis was placed on the, that the customer will receive after the visit to the salon, it is also desirable to designate an advantage in the quality of service, the range of services or the level of use of cosmetics to competitors.

places of distribution

As for, where it should be offered to potential clients or booklets leaflets for beauty, leaflets, flyers and other printed products, it depends on various factors.

If a beauty salon works for a long time, the main goal of publications - to inform about the expansion of the range of services provided, hold shares, about special price offers, etc.. In this case, it is appropriate to expand the brochure directly in the beauty salon, for example, on the coffee table.

before newcomers, starting out in the beauty industry, it is important to inform the widest possible audience of potential customers, so you can hand them, how people on the street, and agree on the distribution in places of high permeability (shops, pharmacies, health centers, banks, etc.)