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Development of design of packaging for alcoholic beverages

In the mid-90s, many domestic companies are unable to compete with Western grocery corporations and soon went bankrupt, while product quality has always been consistently high. for example, imported drinks foam quickly found its audience, and small breweries were forced to change the type of the activity or production sell for a song. All the matter in the design, it is excellent design and loud calls advertising "other" life and own philosophy attracted a buyer.

Modern Russian producers are much more closely related to the design, therefore choose only the best. The design of a bottle of vodka with a similar composition can vary greatly from vendor to vendor, причем цена водки напрямую связана с дизайном бутылки. Find out the cost of project development in St. Petersburg.

corporate souvenir wine 2014 horse

Corporate souvenir wine New 2014 Year of the Horse

Development of packaging design: the main intricacies

We develop a unique packaging design for different types of alcoholic beverages, based on product characteristics and values ​​transmitted to them, assessing real behavioral tendency of the average buyer. And in the choice of alcohol all matters:

  1. bottle shape. The bottle should be comfortable and be allocated from a plurality of similar articles, eg: many facets, flows form, the presence of a pen or container-decanter. Reflection of light should be painted contents, emphasize its colors and noble origin. Design of bottles of wine can be called traditional, it is not necessary to break the rules established in the minds of consumers, although sometimes, such breach creates a real designer bomb, which increases the flow of customers in hundreds of times.
  2. Label. On the label, usually, displays information about the manufacturer, composition of the product and its basic properties, should be removed from all unnecessary labels and add background to brand, make it short and concise overview of the beautiful fonts, As an example we can take the labels of famous brands. It is also worth to choose the form of labels, some labels, for example, transparent or have an unusual location and shape, but do not hide it, to reduce to a minimum area or paste over the entire bottle label, Although you can experiment in this vein: all depends on the alcohol. For example, design bottles for vodka may contain a transparent label, that looks very attractive.
  3. Colors. A well-known fact - Red, yellow, blue and other colors attract attention of the buyer: They pay attention to the label, even if not interested in the product itself. Random shopping - it's a great psychological trick, which built all hypermarkets and store huge labyrinthine world.
  4. Convenience. Good for beer packaging should always be in a good hand, Brandy and packaging - be gracious. Design of bottles of brandy in this case also meets the rule of convenience, readability.

The main stages of the development package

packaging design for alcohol by our specialists includes the following steps::

  • Stage 1 - definition. At this stage the generic product concept based on the transmission of values ​​and preferences of the target audience.
  • Stage 2 - creation. Based on the existing emotional perception, we analyze the value of the product in the eyes of the consumer, assess its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Stage 3 - setting priorities. Selected overall style sketch, selected direction of development.
  • Stage 4 – creation. At this stage, our specialists will scatter associative array, to create something unique and new, the design, that will fit the product.
  • Stage 5 – prototyping and detailed design study. Here you can see the finished design project, which is not yet verified, but it can already be used.
  • Stage 6 – evaluation and presentation. After self-assessment, which is based on a concept put forward and technical specifications, The project assesses the customer, to accept or reject a design decision.

Contact - we will develop a high-quality package for you - presentable and original. Client product will not leave to gather dust on the shelves!

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 40 000p. time: from 10 days

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