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Development of design of packaging for beverages

Attractive packaging soda or juice is important for the buyer when selecting a product, but when you consider the fact, that a significant proportion of buyers -children, their selection for the most part based on the feelings and the first visual impression of the product. Therefore, the design of packaging for beverages plays a key role for the success of the brand.

The cost of the layout design, concept, sketch in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Creating a project in St. Petersburg.

price: from 20 000p. time: from 5 days

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packaging juice

Packaging for juice

packaging juice

Packaging for beverages

Why packaging design is so important?

According to studies, более 86 % all customers to choose the goods, by not pushing the qualitative characteristics, but on the basis of design and color packaging solutions. More 55% Supermarket shoppers polled are ready to once again buy the same goods, if they liked the packaging, and content quality was satisfactory.

Most affected by the emotional content of the labels susceptible people aged 17 to 27 years old, middle-aged people often read part and trust their experience.

We know all about the packaging design for soft drinks and can assist you with its design!

How good design affects the buyer's choice?

Most of the buyers are rarely interested in the composition of, some do not even always look shelf life, just snatching goods from the shelf and throw it into the food basket. For this reason, packaging design is crucial in the selection of goods. We know about it and will offer original design, effective and modern.

  1. Packaging - a face of the brand. We will develop the design of packaging for water, which will not be a simple container with the liquid, and artfully crafted and veiled call to purchase.
  2. Packaging plays a buyer's subconscious, so we will take into account the impact of color and texture on the unconscious perception of information.
  3. The bottle design is to attract attention just because, that it is the original, and the product will certainly cause interest.
  4. Typography - we will find interesting original fonts and be able to succinctly and in a structured way to present important information.


Simple tricks to create the perfect package

To create a truly unique and "catchy" views buyer packaging, in the course of its development, we use the following rules:

  1. In the development of food and beverage is important to pay attention to environmental safety, as a product, and the packaging itself (special protective layer, antimicrobial coating, safe for the environment, etc.)
  2. Packaging should be comfortable (package milk just needed a comfortable handle and a rigid bottom, and packaging design for juice can include a special mechanism of emptying the container to the last drop and comfortable non-slip holders).
  3. Packaging must "talk" about the product (bright color, interesting design, complex fonts, Tips and promoted character, which have all major brands).
  4. Packaging should be simple (too frilly and labels conspicuous a delight except in children).
  5. recognition package (if there is a certain brand and maintained its promotion in the media, the beverage pack design must include a logo or other brand name the most prominent site for, so that the brand has been recognized).


Our company has developed dozens of recognizable brands, and we will help you create just the package, which will turn into a little-known product is truly unique and recognizable brand all. Plastic packaging design - a calling card company, and thanks to our experts, it will work on 100% productively and efficiently!

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