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Own Brand: how to create and succeed?

The world of modern business is incredibly tough and require the owners and executives of companies a lot of knowledge, strength and energy. In order not to fall out of the system and actively develop, to make a profit and to be truly successful, in recent years, we have started to create our own brands. What is it? What is the impact on business development? Is it profitable to create a brand and how to do it?

Own Brand: what does it mean?

Today the number of private brands is growing. So What is own brand? This is - the brand, owned by a retail chain. for example, large hypermarkets. products, which is available under such brand usually percent 30 cheaper counterparts. Quality goods of such brands is no worse than other brands. Lower cost, constant presence in the supermarket a particular network and a decent standard of products, products of such brands and attract customers.

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Own trade marks in Russia and in the world

In virtually every country release products under its own brand. The development of brands depends on many factors. And there are countries, where private labels are so many. And there are, in which the process has just started to develop. But, undoubtedly, every year of own brands is becoming more and more.

the, how are consumers to their own brands, depending on the country. They can be divided into segments of developed countries and the sector in developing countries. The first group includes the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada; to the second – The African continent, Asia, South America. In developed countries, there are about 15 % generally, and in developing below 10 %. The greatest number of its own brands in Europe (generally 45 %). Leading countries by the number of their own brands:

  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom

More 69 % consumers consider, that with the help of its own brands, you can significantly save money. Private label products almost no different from the products of well-known brands. The main reason, that the products of its own brand in demand, It considered it their low price. It comes from the, that companies do not spend money on expensive packaging, advertising, produce things in independent or their own factories. Main products, who buy a brand of its own brand, in developed countries are milk, eggs and bread. But developing choose private brand, that produce flour and rice. In general, the global trend is, As for 30 % all products are produced under their own brand.

In Russia, their own stamps for relatively new. At first they produced the goods of daily use, and then came the food. Virtually every major retail chain has its own brand. Their products are much cheaper brand-name counterparts and are sold exclusively in firmovyh hypermarkets. Totally agree 2017 year turnover of goods under its own brand was 200 billion. rubles. If we talk about products in general, then under private brands produced in Russia before 10 % all goods.

But experts say, that although the popularity of the products of own brands is growing every year, Still, some products will never have the demand for private label. This national drinks and condiments, cheese, alcohol, authentic sweets. In this case, the consumer will only trust the trusted brands and is ready to pay money for a real taste.

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What are the advantages of open?

Own brands are not so long ago appeared on the market. But they have proven to be a good side and occupy the leading position among buyers. What is the the benefits of own brands?

  • Increased customer loyalty. Because of, that the network produces its own brand of goods, it becomes almost exclusive. It is impossible to find in any other store. And the buyer goes to the supermarket specifically defined network for specific products..
  • boost income. The presence of own brands always increases turnover. Since the private brand products cheaper counterparts. In this way, impulse buyer takes more than a few positions.
  • With its own brand network can conduct a variety of marketing moves: she monitors the quality, package design, a price, production.
  • Communication with customers is becoming more closely. Since consumers can directly access the network owners, instead of looking for the marketing departments of other brands at the following addresses, indicated on the product packaging.

For buyers the goods under its own brand name - it, especially savings. These products almost always becomes a leader in the consumer segment.

How does your own brand's image?

The presence of the private brand always has a positive effect on the network's image. It attracts a large number of buyers, It gives the impression, that the trade group - powerful and strong. After all, only a large network can afford to manufacture products under its own brand. This step is very good effect on the network and cooperation with factories – producers. Because they are guaranteed to have orders for goods. This in turn leads to a close, productive cooperation, which can not but be positive.

The presence of own brand - a kind of indicator of quality. After all, for fear of losing customers, the network will not produce low-quality products known. The credibility of such products is increasing every year. In Russia, "love" for their own brands is not very big yet, and many buyers treat such products with some irony.. But, undoubtedly, creating its own brand raises credibility with any network and, came to the supermarket, most buyers are looking for products is the private brand Market.

What products profitable to sell?

Not all products will be in demand, if releasing them under its own brand. Most marketers say, that is best done under such brand products of a social group. Most common in the sale are considered pasta and cereals, carbonated drinks, and canned vegetables. It is not necessary to sell the private label coffee, exotic spices, chocolate, authentic products (more, suluguni, cheese). With some wary consumers and sausages, canned fish and meat, sweets of own brands. Most buyers consider, that such products are not quite meet their needs.

Also, there is not always cost-effective and production under its own brand:

  • Baby food and diapers.
  • shampoos, gaskets, medical cosmetics
  • toothbrushes, pastes.
  • sunglasses.
  • Remedy mosquito.

Usually, for some products the customers are willing to pay, but they want to be confident in the quality of products or products used only one brand. therefore, releasing such goods, the network may lose profits. Since the goods will not be popular.

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How to create brand?

For, to create your own brand, It needs time. Typically, it can take from six months to a year. Create your own brands It includes several steps:

  • Strategy is first determined trademark. Then thought up the name, drawn logo, thought out concept. Sometimes this involved special AGENCY.
  • You must choose a product, which will produce a brand. It is the most profitable of cereals, pasta, the drinks, beer, household chemicals, paper napkins.
  • It is necessary to develop a strategy for product development. Usually they are isolated 3:
  1. brand extension. Network name is transferred to the product.
  2. The replacement of a competitor. products, brand which is not so important for customers when choosing a, substituted its own brand.
  3. Dumping. The price of goods decreased slightly in relation to other.
  • It is necessary to design the packaging and prescribe technical conditions of production.
  • Next, it is important to hold a tender to select the manufacturer and, who will be making the goods.
  • After that you need to purchase everything needed for production (raw materials and components).
  • Then you need to advertise products, engage in brand promotion, logistics.

Generally, to its own brand has earned a lot of necessary investments and funds. All you need to correctly calculate, taking into account the additional costs and contingencies.

Packaging design of the private brand

Very important, to products, which is produced under its own brand, was recognized. Development of own brand can not do without packaging design. That appearance, especially at the beginning, It is very important for the consumer. Usually, packaging of own brands is simple and concise. It must be recognized and the buyer will have barely glanced at her, understand, that before it was a sample of network products. Package design includes several stages:

  • First, you need to study the packaging competition. Pick up something, that it would not like the others, but at the same time it did not look worse.
  • Need to develop their own packaging. The best thing, contact a specialized design agency.
  • Thereafter, it would be good to release a test batch of products and to start its sale. If the item is a success - the packaging can be put into mass production..

Packaging - one of the main components of success. Many own brand manufacture products in a very inconspicuous, sometimes even primitive, cheap containers. It plays havoc with them: such products become less attractive for consumers.

How to manage and develop the brand?

For, to its own brand in the right direction, you need a lot of effort. Primarily, should clearly consider the brand strategy. If you do not, It will not have sales and profits. In fact, management and development of its own brands occupy entire states marketers, who every day are actively working, that the brand was a success.

If you have decided to acquire its own brand, do not take the funds to good marketing agency. Only in this case, Chance of success. Because of the large number of competitors, it is very difficult to stay afloat. Today own brands in Russia They are becoming more popular. From year to year, consumer confidence grows, and people are no longer afraid to buy products of such brands. But in order, to win the market, Sometimes years pass. And the most important principles of work should be:

  • High quality products.
  • Affordable price. The best thing, if it is below, than competitors.
  • An ever-expanding range of products, which develops depending on the client's needs.
  • Constant presence of own brand products in supermarket chains.
  • Novik frequent among the goods.
  • The presence of products of various commodity groups. The best thing, if the network will produce all: from socks to sausage.

excellent Examples of own brands This "Every Day" (Auchan), ARO (METRO), "All year round" (Carousel), «BILLA Premium», Clever, "Alnatura" (BILL), "365 DAYS" (TAPE) other.

All of them are extremely popular among consumers. Their products are much cheaper than their counterparts and many buyers purposefully go to such chain stores.. It has recently become fashionable and profitable to create your own brand.. Not all large networks yet possess such luxuries. But actively develop their own brands and their success led to the, that the number is growing. This will help make better quality products more, and the prices are even lower.

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